The summer of 2002 Kitopia opened. Kitopia’s lessons are given three miles up wind from Lower Sherman Island on Upper Sherman Island near Sacramento Point giving Kitopia’s students a safe quiet place away from the crowded lower section of Sherman Island.

The reason for starting the school in 2002 was in 1998 when I started kiting people didn't have many options of schools to go to, so a person’s learning curve was slow and mostly trial and error. As the years progressed so did the sport, we watched many people try to learn at Sherman Island without lessons. Watching them make dangerous mistakes to themselves and the sport, I wanted to help them achieve the euphoria we kiters thrive on. Sherman Island is more of an intermediate to advance level of kiteboarding location due to the onshore wind conditions. In 1998 Sherman Island had at the most 6 kiters now today 2009 Sherman Island can easily have 60 kites on the water at any given time. I lucked out in 1998 having a lake close to my hometown so I practiced at the lake before venturing to Sherman Island.

Kitopia is PASA / PKIA certified as well as have a USCG License and CPR / First aid certified.

Sandy Parker

In the winter of 1998 I was introduced to a 10 foot flexi foil kite. This was my trainer kite for the winter, after flying this kite all winter the spring of 1999 I was hooked. I became a team rider for the local kitesurfing shop, and became a certified instructor in 2002. I went to South Padre Island, Texas to get certified as a PASA instructor then returned to the Rio Vista area to open a kiteboarding school.

During the winter season of 2002 I traveled to Key West, Florida. After Florida I then traveled to South Padre Island, Texas for the remaining winter months to teach and assist in the local shops.

During my stay in Texas I assisted with the organization of the 2nd annual free Kiteboarding festival. I helped Kite girl hold free kite clinics during the festival. As well as compete in the men's kiteboarding division. That next season in California I competed in the King of the Bay making it thru the first heat then up against the pros. Since they kite every day they better win.

Since the early Days of my kiting I have focused mostly on my teaching. Until 2007 I started getting involved in Kite course racing. The St. Frances Yacht Club held itís first annual US Kiteboarding National Championship June 25-29, 2007 here are the results on this link. I held 1st place in the womanís division until the last day then I took 2nd place overall in the womanís division. In 2008 I must have made a mark from 2007 on the pros because the came back and reminded me that im a better teacher than a competitor I placed 4th over in the womanís division. Click here to see more about up incoming races held in San Francisco.

Check back to see updates and my 2009 race results.

Click here for some photos of me.